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June 2014


Shiga-produced beef to be exported to the Philippines

Shiga-produced beef called "Omi beef" will be exported to the Philippines from June 23. This island country in Southeast Asia will be the fourth destination for the Shiga Meat Center, a processing facility dealing with Shiga-produced beef, to export Omi beef to. "We will dig into markets as many as possible," says Governor Yukiko Kada with great enthusiasm.

According to the Shiga Prefectural Government, delegates of the Philippine Government inspected and evaluated the Center in June 2013, and based on the results, in May 2014 Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare gave the Center a license to do business with the Philippines.   

Starting with Macau as the first destination, the Center has been exporting the beef since June 2010, and Singapore and Thailand were later included in the list. The amount of beef exported to the three destinations in FY 2013 is 18 tons, which is equivalent to 304 head of cattle. "According to the local people, Omi beef, which is soft and has a high degree of marbled fat, has gained a good reputation as tasty high-quality Japanese beef," confidently says a Prefectual Goverment official.

In addition, Omi beef is exported to Hong Kong via a different processing facility located out of the prefecture. "The domestic market is shrinking due to decrease in population, and we expect a huge potential in Southeast Asian countries as their economies are expanding," says the official.

(Chunichi Shimbun, June19, 2014)


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