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December 2014


Physical Strength and Athletic Ability Test: Shiga's middle school children exceed national average

This year's Physical Strength and Athletic Ability Test, an annual nation-wide test in which primary school children in the fifth grade and middle school children in the second year take part, demonstrates favorable results for Shiga Prefecture, due to the middle school boys and girls exceeding the national average scores.

Although Shiga's primary school children are still below the national average, progress can be found especially among the girls whose average scores this year are the highest in the recent five years, indicating that the measures taken by the Prefectural Board of Education and schools are on the right track.

The average scores of Shiga's primary school children turned out to be much lower than the national average in 2009, and the Board of Education started examining possible measures after that, leading to the programs initiated in 2011 such as a campaign  encouraging the students to exercise 30 minutes a day. Thanks to this, the number of students who like sports is increasing. "We see a positive effect in our programs," says an official in charge.

(Chunichi Shimbun, December 2, 2014)


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