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July 2015


Crisis Management Center to get operational in January 2016

The cornerstone-laying ceremony for the Shiga Prefecture Crisis Management Center was held on July 15. The Center, which had been constructed recently, will become operational in January 2016 after installing the equipment and the wireless-activated disaster warning system.

The Shiga Prefectural Government (SPG) has used Prefectural Assembly Committee Room as a base facility in an emergency, but it has been pointed out that making the Room operational would take time in spite of the need to handle the disaster as soon as possible. To address the issue, SPG started constructing the Center in January 2014 and completed the construction in June 2015.

The Center is a five-story building with its floor space being approximately 5,460 square kilometers. The building, where SPG’s Disaster and Crisis Management Bureau is to be located, has Operation Room where information is to be collected and analyzed, Disaster Prevention Room where SPG is to collaborate with Self-Defense Force and Fire Brigade, and a warehouse where emergency drinking water and food are to be in storage. The total construction cost is approximately 6 billion yen.

"Nobody knows when disasters such as earthquakes and storm and flood damage will occur. I will ensure everyone’s security and safety, by making good use of the Center,” Governor Mikazuki said in his speech at the ceremony. After the speech, a cornerstone box made of stainless steel was buried in the ground, containing several newspapers published on that day, commemorative coins issued this year, and a blueprint of the building.

(Sankei Shimbun, July 9, 2015)


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