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May 2017


Prefectural Government started this year's "Summer Eco-Style" campaign

"Summer Eco-Style," a Prefectural Government's campaign encouraging its employees to work in business casual attire, started on May 1. The prefecture's employees, wearing neither jackets nor ties, could be seen at the Prefectural Government building complex on the first day. This campaign continues to the end of October.

The campaign began in 1979, with the aim of giving the employees a healthy work environment, and of controlling temperature properly in the buildings. During the campaign, the prefectural officials are encouraged to wear light clothes while demonstrating “trust and integrity.” They are also recommended to wear clothes made of locally-produced textures such as Takashima cotton crepe and Koto hemp fabric.

A 32-year-old official wearing a shirt with half sleeves, who belongs to Global Warming Issues Division, says, "This is very comfortable. I think it's going to be very hot soon, and I want to overcome the heat with lighter clothes."

(Sankei Shimbun, May 2, 2017)


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