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June 2017


Shiga Prefectural Government is struggling to grow out of being an "exploiter."

Shiga Prefectural Government has unveiled that its 10 employees were engaged in more than 1,000-hour overtime work in FY 2016. Although the number has been reduced by half compared to the previous year which recorded 20 employees, chronic overtime work can still be seen among the Shiga officials. The Prefectural Government is making efforts to reduce it by 15% in FY 2017.

According to Personnel Division, there were 3 officials of Recycling Society Promotion Division whose overtime work exceeded 1,000 hours in FY 2016 because of an influx of workload to renew licenses regarding waste disposal. Two divisions - Child and Youth Affairs Bureau and Tourism and International Exchange Bureau - followed suit with 2 officials respectively. Financial Administration Division, the most “notorious” division in FY 2105 with 9 officials, had only 1 the following fiscal year. Hikone Family Consulting Center, which had 3 officials in FY 2015, didn’t have anyone engaged in more than 1,000-hour excessive work. 

The Prefectural Government has taken an emergency countermeasure to control overtime work since February this year, successfully reducing it in February and March by 20% compared to the previous year.

The Prefectural Government is in the process of formulating an action plan to cut overtime work per person by 15% this fiscal year, considering that the current measures already implemented are not effective enough. According to the plan, to be implemented are new measures: outsourcing administrative processes, enhancing standardization of business control, and introducing voice recognition software to take the minutes.

(May 27, 2017, Kyoto Shimbun)


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