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July 2017


The number of tourists who stay at Shiga's hotels has decreased

The number of tourists who stay at accommodations in Shiga, steadily increasing in the recent years and having reached its peak in 2015, has started decreasing since 2016. The first quarter of this year's figure has dropped by 12% compared to the previous year’s first quarter, showing that the decline has become apparent. Accommodations in Shiga have attracted tourists, taking advantage of the situation that their competitors in Kyoto and Osaka have been unable to handle the influx of tourists. The hotels in Kyoto and Osaka, however, have expanded their capacities, making the tourism industry in Shiga feel a sense of crisis under the current trend.


According to a survey by Japan Tourism Agency, the number of tourists who stayed at accommodations in Shiga in 2016 is 4.68 million, having decreased by 13% compared with the previous year’s 5.39 million. Confined to international tourists, 2016’s figure is 470 thousand while 2015’s is 480 thousand.


"Shiga’s hotels were selected by tourists who couldn’t find in Kyoto or Osaka, but the situation regarding the two prefectures is being improved. It is safe to assume that the Shiga’s figure has dropped because of that,” says an official of Tourism and International Exchange Bureau, unveiling its plan to conduct a series of events in October featuring the prefecture’s Japan Heritage sites.


(Kyoto Shimbun, June 23, 2017)


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