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October 2019


Shigaraki Hights Railway has started operating an ad-wrapped train which is themed with a new TV drama series “Scarlet”

An ad-wrapped train which is themed with Scarlet, a new TV drama series broadcast at NHK, became operational on September 29. The story of the drama unfolds in Shigaraki, depicting the life of a female potter. The ceremony was held at Shigaraki Station of Shigaraki Hights Railway, where Erika Toda, an actress playing the protagonist, attended.

At the ceremony, Ms. Toda says, “I hope the viewers will feel pottery's attraction and profundity through the drama. I would like to keep focused on my role for half a year just like this train." She cracked a decorative paper ball together with the participants including Hiroki Iwanaga, mayor of Koka City where Shigaraki is located.

On the train’s exterior, an enlarged image of Toda spinning a pottery wheel and of a title logo is printed. On the interior, pieces of illustration of pottery colored with yellow and orange and the actress's signatures can be seen. The train is to be operated until March 28 next year.

Scarlet is the 101st NHK morning drama series, which is to start broadcasting from September 30.

(Sankei Shimbun, September 29, 2019)


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