Hikone: Historic reconciliation to be carried out beyond 150-year hostility

150 years have passed since the Sakuradamon incident known for the assassination of Naosuke Ii, the feudal lord of Hikone as well as the Tairo of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Ii's crackdown against those who opposed the influx of western countries' influence on Japan triggered the assassination carried out by masterless samurai mainly from Mito.

It announced that Koichi Kato, mayor of Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, is going to visit Hikone's Seiryoji Temple to pay tribute to Naosuke on September 10th. This historic reconciliation has been advocated by Naotake Ii, the present head of the Ii family who is the president of Hikone Castle Museum. It seems that this attempt has something to do with the upcoming movie featuring the Sakuradamon incident.

(Mainichi Shmbun, September 19, 2010)

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Prefectural History Library opens on June 17

Shiga Prefectural Government opens History Library within Public Information Office, located on the third floor of the Shinkan building.

Historical documents related to the Prefecture will be displayed in a space where citizens can read and copy. The library, managed by 4 staff members, accommodates 600,000 materials from the Meiji period to the early Showa period, including Otsu incident and the construction of Lake Biwa Canal.

From June 17 to July 7, the library will hold a special exhibition titled "the beginning of Shiga," displaying 10 historical materials to introduce the formation of the Prefectural Government as a political/administrative entity.

(Chunichi Shmbun, June 12, 2008)

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