Masaru Uno, former Yasu Mayor, dies at 91

Masaru Uno, former Yasu* mayor, died of old age at a hospital in Yasu on May 4. He was 91 years old.

Uno became the mayor of Yasu in 1967, and served 7 terms, which lasted for 28 years. He also served as chairperson of National Association of Towns and Villages from 1987 to 1991.

The funeral service was already held among close relatives, but a funeral ceremony open to the public is going to be held at Yasu Cultural Hall.

*Having been integrated with Chuzu Town, Yasu Town became Yasu City in 2004.

(Jiji Press, May 6, 2011)

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A 105-year-old man passed away donating war documents to Nagahama City

Nihei Nishimura, who is well-known as a living model adapted for a TV drama, passed away on September 5th at the age of 105. Nishimura was working at Osato Village Office (currently Nagahama City Office) from 1930 to 1945. He was in charge of military-related affairs such as delivering call-up papers called Akagami.

After the end of the World War II, he was ordered to burn all the war documents. However, he didn't. Because he strongly believed that those documents were the only proof of the people trifled with war, he hid them at home.

Three years ago he disclosed those documents including Akagami and the list of military officials at a local museum, creating a sensation. That led to the broadcasting of a TV drama last year called "the last Akagami deliverer," based on Nishimura's story.

(Chunichi Shimbun, September 6, 2010)

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The founder of Heiwado passed away

Heijiro Natsuhara, the founder of Heiwado, passed away at the age of 91 due to pneumonia on June 19. The funeral will be conducted only by close relatives, but a memorial ceremony where persons concerned are to attend is being planned by the company's general affairs department.

The deceased founded Heiwado in 1957 and raised the company from a small grocery store to the supermarket chains that operate in the Kinki and Tokai Region. He has been an honorary president since being retired from the president.

(Jiji Press, June 20, 2010)  

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Otsu: Former Mayor Yamada passed away

Toyosaburo Yamada, former Mayor of Otsu, passed away at the age of 86 due to pneumonia on July 18. The wake will be held at Hamaotsu City Hall on July 20. His son Minoru Yamada who used to work for Shiga Bank as an executive director is going to be the chief mourner. The date of the funeral service hasn't been decided yet.

Yamada joined the Manchuria Government after graduating from Shinkyo Hosei University. He was then employed by the Otsu City after returning to Japan in 1945. His political career started when he was elected to the Mayor in 1980. After serving six continuous terms of office, he stepped down from being the mayor in 2003 because of health problems.

(Kyoto Shimbun, July 19, 2009)

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